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It has been a while since we let you know what we’ve been up to via our blog. We have been coding away in the lab trying to get a working version out of what we’re trying to achieve. Today we launch our Private Beta & invite potential users to request invites for access you can abuse the platform and help us iron out bugs before we go public.

For those that are not sure what Verze is in short; Verze is a file transfer solution that lets you send (large) files securely at high speed via CDN connections.

You can also use Verze to upload or download your files to or from any of your linked cloud storage services like Dropbox, Box, Cloudfiles, Google Drive,  Amazon… via a high speed CDN connection.

Every startup with no Venture Capital funding has to start somewhere. Our new server to run the Verze engine.

Every startup with no Venture Capital funding has to start somewhere. Our new server to run the Verze engine.

I’ve learnt that the best way to create a successful online product is to code it from scratch. This will make it easier to integrate into other 3rd party services & evolve or expand the service or product offering. Having a well planned out flowchart is what makes or breaks the project. Building an API as you go will also help grow the offering by having other services or products connect to you.

As the year 2011 comes to an end. We ( Verze ) are looking at being acquired by a strategic firm so we can pursue our project with some mentor with a vision to what we plan to be. Acquisition in not what all startups look forward to but for us, we need this for GROWTH. We do need more numbers signing up for our service & not only on the free tier but as well as more users signing up for the paid package. Acquisition might help this happen. BUT without any great mentor our view on acquisition could be a flaw that we need sorted out but we’ll never know.

2012 is the year that Verze goes BIG so as the founders. We plan to be win awards for innovation and design. Because like what Steve Jobs said, design is not only how it looks, but how it works. Happy New Year fellow tech freaks, Have a prosperous new year.

When i thought of the idea of Verze, it was not really anything new. It was more of creating a web based service for developers for a tool that they’ve been using for years via native desktop based apps/software.

This has been an idea that i had been toying with for a while because of my experiences with the native app. The limitations, the firewall censorship, bandwidth issues, routing issues via Internet Service Providers; it was a mess. It did work but the issues that affected me gave me the idea. I had to create something that could work round the native app restrictions so the web based service came up.

So what i did was sign up for all the services that offered a similar service to my idea and tried them out and see if my issues where addressed. Most of them lacked what i needed from another. So my idea tends to make developers and other users of the native service smile. 

What i decided from what i saw from the other services websites was that simple is always KING. Simple design, simple to use, clean but powerful layout & fast loading. This is what i began development on. I came up with a messy working version then came up with a management area and now merging the two together. Because functionality needs pretty. Since at the moment i have to juggle the titles of Founder, Developer, Designer, Investor & Alpha Tester… It has to work.

I do understand the need to share the idea and workings of the project to other entrepreneurs after i read @christine_tsai's post on, i think the time shall come when the idea can be made public or known. 

Right now, i’m starting up and keeping the idea private.

Verze - Our new logo